Our Story



Malini Ohri, a Health & Beauty Consultant, Reiki Master and most importantly an Aromatherapist with over 40 years of experience has brought together her family to create a product line that encourages clean,safe & effective beauty.

Malinis' Husband, Dipak, and her daughter, Mishti have helped elevate Saantés with their combined knowledge in health & beauty and sales & marketing and a much needed shared passion for clean beauty - together, all three of them are Saantés much needed powerhouse. And last but not least, Muskan, Malinis eldest daughter is their emotional support and voice of reason during 'family work feuds'!
We are proud of how far we've come and truly believe in the 'clean beauty' crusade.


To begin with, awareness is key. What are you putting on your skin? What are the side effects of the ingredients that make up most beauty and lifestyle products? Understanding a few basics will go a long way in a healthier, happier you.

We really do believe in using natural products for your skin. It is imperative and in our effort to move away from all things chemical, we have used our knowledge to develop our own brand that is natural and effective.

Through Saanté, we are promoting awareness and the ability to to be make choices that lead to increased overall well-being. Make sensible choices while buying skin care products and cosmetics. Just read the labels and opt for more natural, clean and chemical free products.

And the best way is to start your kids and grandkids young. Educate them on being as near natural as possible. 

A little really does go a long way !