7 Chakra Balancing Room and Pillow Spray

  • Dhs. 110.00

Cruelty-Free | Eco-Friendly | Non-Toxic | Vegan | Recyclable Glass Bottle

Embrace the power of aromatherapy in your home or on the go with our Chakra Pillow & Room Spray blend. Our signature blend has been carefully chosen to balance your individual chakras creating inner harmony, balance and peace. This blend can be used to cleanse your space for a more relaxed, unclouded, rejuvenated, and balanced you. It can also help to tackle issues such as low levels of concentration, sluggishness, agitation,  anxiety, depression and claustrophobia, to name just a few.

Quantity: 100ml 

  • Key Ingredients

    Clary Sage -  Helps for contemplation and reduces confusion.

    Clove - This oil, warm in nature, helps awaken our senses.

    Lavender - An adaptogenic essential oil that helps our body deal with the stress hormone 'cortisol'.

  • How to use 

    . Spray on anytime you feel the need to balance your energy, enhance your mood, or just relax. 

    . It also helps to improve yoga and meditation practices. 

    . Spritz on your pillow or around your room. 

  • Full list of ingredients

    distilled water, cedarwood, clarysage, clove, grapefruit, lavender, mandarin, ylangylang, geoguard

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
My bedtime routine just leveled up

I bought the spray and the body oil and let me tell you... My unwind/self-care/self-love bedtime routine is on another level now. I love the smell and the fact that the smell actually last, wow! I think I found my new favourite product (together with the after shower body oil). Looking forward to try other products from your brand!

Steph Omotosho
The right mood

The smell alone just leaves my bedroom feeling so zen. Love it!

Lea Miri
Amazing product

Loved it !

Akshata Rao

This product is honestly unbelievable!! The smells incredible!! I have even gotten my friend addicted to this!! Absolutely LOOOOVE it!! Definitely going to re-stock! I already have 2 bottles as back up 🙈

Magic in a bottle

Quite simply magical. It has this ability to neutralise negative energy in an instant and creates a calm environment wherever it is spritzed.