7 Chakra Balancing Room and Pillow Spray

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Cruelty-Free | Eco-Friendly | Non-Toxic | Vegan | Recyclable Glass Bottle

Embrace the power of aromatherapy in your home or on the go with our Chakra Pillow & Room Spray blend. Our signature blend has been carefully chosen to balance your individual chakras creating inner harmony, balance and peace. This blend can be used to cleanse your space for a more relaxed, unclouded, rejuvenated, and balanced you. It can also help to tackle issues such as low levels of concentration, sluggishness, agitation,  anxiety, depression and claustrophobia, to name just a few.

Quantity: 100ml 

  • Key Ingredients

    Clary Sage -  Helps for contemplation and reduces confusion.

    Clove - This oil, warm in nature, helps awaken our senses.

    Lavender - An adaptogenic essential oil that helps our body deal with the stress hormone 'cortisol'.

  • How to use 

    . Spray on anytime you feel the need to balance your energy, enhance your mood, or just relax. 

    . It also helps to improve yoga and meditation practices. 

    . Spritz on your pillow or around your room. 

  • Full list of ingredients

    distilled water, cedarwood, clarysage, clove, grapefruit, lavender, mandarin, ylangylang, geoguard

Customer Reviews

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Magic in a bottle

Quite simply magical. It has this ability to neutralise negative energy in an instant and creates a calm environment wherever it is spritzed.

Magic in a Bottle

I had been looking for a pillow spray to help create a better self-care sleep routine. When I saw this one, I was skeptical of the description. How could a spray actually help balance the 7 chakras, I wondered? Well, let me tell you, it absolutely delivers what it says. It is the most pleasant aroma I have ever smelled, and you instantly feel comforted and content. Not only do I use it on my pillow, but I also turn back the covers and mist my sheets as well. When I get up in the morning, I mist again, and when I get dressed I put a few sprays on my clothes and hair as well. In fact, any time I start to feel stressed, I go and spray the bottle and instantly feel calmer. I know it probably doesn't make much sense, but it literally does balance you. You feel uplifted but relaxed; content but calm. It's a MUST try. I bought one for myself and am going to get some for my friends' upcoming birthdays straight away.


I started using the chakra spray after struggling with interrupted sleep patterns with my stressful work schedule. Ever since my sister, and my parents use it daily to contribute to a restful and relaxed sleep. If I am being honest I have no idea how it works but this stuff is magical 10/10.

Timely and Addictive!

Randomly decided to travel in from Al Ain to go to the Arte market this weekend to find some gifts to take home to New Zealand. Instead I met Malini and brought this and other products as a much needed gift to myself.
This Room Spray is divinely addictive, just what I needed to to some deep breathing, and to start valuing myself more.
I would highly recommend this product.

Hamdan Malik
The Best Sleep in Years

The Best Sleep In Years
Um Hamdan on Jan 28, 2022
Can’t recommend this product enough, at the beginning I didn’t believe any thing would work, but I’ve been using the 7 chakra for the last 2 weeks.I can say it’s done wonders to my sleep.. Love it