Fade Face Serum

  • Dhs. 105.00

Cruelty-Free | Non-Toxic | Vegan | Non-Comedogenic Recyclable Glass Bottle

 If your wish is to have bright, glowing skin, it's time to explore our Fade Face Serum. Clinically proven ingredients such as Vitamin C and Licorice Root work to brighten skin while fighting off pigmentation and fading dark spots. Other powerful ingredients such as Niacinamide works on moisturising and hydrating. Altogether, they can offer many proven anti-ageing properties, including helping to firm, tighten, and strengthen your face. A potent potion to perk up any skincare routine.  

Skin Type(s): The perfect addition for all skincare routines. People with sensitive skin should be mindful when using this serum.

Quantity: 15ml 

  • Key Ingredients 

    Vitamin C - A well-known nutrient with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; Vitamin C will help to improve your skin's tone and texture. Other benefits include hydrating the skin, reducing fine lines and protecting skin from damage caused by sun exposure and free radicals. 

    Licorice Root - One of the oldest herbal remedies that is adaptogenic in nature, Licorice has countless benefits for your skin. Addressing a variety of skin conditions, the root contains glycyrrhizic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties boosting the skin's regeneration process. Licorice Root also assists in soothing sensitive skin and smoothing out its texture.

    Niacinamide - A versatile yet powerful skincare ingredient, this B3 vitamin works with the natural substances in your skin to offer an array of benefits. Niacinamide is most loved for its ability to even out skin tone, moisturise and hydrate, minimise pores and soften fine lines.

  • How to use

    . Take two drops from the serum's recyclable glass bottle packaging and apply to a cleansed face. 

    . Pay attention to the neck and eye area, and let the serum sink in before applying any further creams or oils.

    . To be used at night before you apply a cream or face oil.

  • Full ingredient list

    distilled water with licorice root, vit c, ferulic acid, glycerin, aloevera, niacinamide, arginine, xanthan gum, geoguard221