Their Story

As I sit here and watch them argue about the ins and outs of our business,  I am somehow made to take sides, reluctantly, only to have them jump to each others defence.  This has happened one, two many a time that I can almost play out the scenario in my head - before it actually even happens! 

There is a fire that burns within them for a life and a brand that they have grown together. It takes sheer passion, constant dedication and love to stay committed to their beliefs.

Malini's deep rooted knowledge spanning 45 years in the industry coupled with Dipak's vivacious personality and sheer and absolute belief in his wife's brand / ability is why Saante has become a warm household name.

Saante is a combination of pure aromatherapy coupled with Malini's ayurvedic roots. Hence a number of our products have ingredients based out of ancient Indian rituals.

Powerhouses such as sandalwood powder, fullers earth (multani mitti), pysillium husk (isabgol), licorice root (mulethi) soap nut (reetha), turmeric (haldi) and glycerin to name a few have been passed down by Malini's grandmother and it is the power of the ancient that plays a big role in our product line.

When it comes to moving ahead, there's nothing stopping this duo. They wake up everyday excited to impart their knowledge about clean formulas and clean ingredients and how imperative both are to a healthy, glowing you!

I am often asked 'why Saanté, how are you different ?' and my answer always is - because of these two ! Malini's magic & healing in her hands and Dipak's energy can be felt when using Saanté.

Timeless. Effortless. Ageless

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines day!    

Remember to celebrate love in its purest form (or in its many forms). But most importantly celebrate YOU  - mask up and unwind  :)

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