Can’t focus? These mindful tips will help you get back to work and a healthy routine 

When you’re on vacation—everything feels good—unwinding, relaxing and taking time off your regular routine. Coming back to reality once the holiday is over can feel like just the opposite. If you’re finding yourself feeling sluggish, fatigued and hard to get back to routine, it’s only natural. Often after returning from a vacation, where no rules count, our routine goes out of whack, and unfortunately, that post holiday glow doesn’t last long. These simple, mindful tips will help you ease into your everyday routine, keep that back-from-vacay glow and take you back to work mode with a positive attitude. But regardless of whether you’ve been on a holiday, if you may be feeling work fatigue and can’t get yourself to focus, this will help you regain your clarity—remember, you can always hit refresh and begin again! 


Create a slow morning routine 

In order to get back to the hustle and bustle of life, backlog of to-do-lists and pending emails, start slow. How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Creating a slow morning routine, as simple as splashing cold water on your face, drinking a glass of warm water, writing down your thoughts and meditating for ten minutes, can help clear your mind and start afresh. Spritz the 7 Chakra Balancing Room & Pillow Spray to create a calm, zen state before you sit to meditate, practise yoga or journal. Make your ‘am’ skincare routine a therapeutic ritual i.e. instead of hurriedly putting on your serum and sunscreen and rushing out the door—try taking your time and massaging your face with the warmth of your finger to get the blood flowing. Use the Restore Face Serum with soothing green tea and hydrating hyaluronic acid  that will help revive your glow and protect from environmental aggressors. 


Release happy hormones 

The last thing you want to get back to is exercising—but remember that working your body will not only help get rid of excess holiday weight but also bump up the production of the brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Besides, exercising helps balance your bodily functions while also doing wonders for your skin and hair. 


Sleep soundly, regain your focus 

A sound, restful sleep has a huge effect on the day after. Spritz on Saanté’s 7 Chakra Balancing Room & Pillow Spray, infused with calming clary sage, clove and other therapeutic Aromatherapeutic essential oils to get into a zen state of mind before bed. It is the perfect antidote to pause after a long day. But also, spray it anytime in the day as it helps bring back balance and clarity, helping you focus and concentrate better. Keep it on your desk for anytime you need to realign and begin again. 


Eat wholesome meals

What we consume has a direct effect on how we feel, and look. Refuel after a vacation of indulgences by adding healthy leafy greens to your diet, eating wholesome home-cooked meals and switching to healthy snacking alternatives. 


Maintain a calming night routine

Your body goes into repairative mode when you’re sleeping. Providing your skin a good night-time routine will supercharge its repairing functions. Get back to a simple, therapeutic night routine—cleanse and nourish with our Inara Face Elixir, a potent mix of 14 Ayurvedic extracts and oils that will help even out your skin tone and give you a bright, glowing complexion. Elevate the experience by massaging your face with our Ayurvedic Facial Sculptor, made with Kansa metal to follow the curves of your face. It will aid in microcirculation and promote oxygen-rich blood flow to rejuvenate, detox and revitalize. 


Get back to your selfcare rituals

Overindulgence that is bound to happen during a vacation can take a toll on your skin and hair. Maintain a holistic beauty ritual and strengthen the health of your hair and skin by taking time out for bi-weekly hair massages and mini facials at home. Saanté’s haircare rituals that include our Crowning Glory Hair Tonic, Crowning Glory Hair Oil and Strengthening & Nourishing Hair Oil, will help with multiple issues like hairfall and dull hair, stimulate the scalp and increase hair growth while bringing back shiny, happy hair days. 



We often forget to take care of our eyes (did you know the skin under our eyes is the thinnest?)–awaken and energize your eyes and keep the delicate skin around it nourished by gently massaging our Eye Rescue Serum daily. The ultra lightweight potion infused with antioxidant-rich oils of rosehip and carrot seed, helps to diminish fine lines, dryness, puffiness, and dark circles. Give your face a detoxifying massage with Ayurveda’s 5000-year-old massaging tool—the Kansa Wand—that will depuff, promote healthy blood flow, release impurities and revive your skin’s natural luminosity. 


Post-holiday fatigue 

If you’re feeling the effects of post-holiday fatigue on your mind and body and need something to get back into active-mode, relax by massaging the Move Body Oil to relieve muscle stiffness or sprain. It helps with cramps, back pain and relieves tension, helping you get back to routine life with ease. 

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