Why scalp health matters and how to take care of it

A happy head of hair starts with a healthy scalp

We do so much for our skin—moisturisers, face oils, serums, sunscreen, toners—often forgetting that the skin on our head, covered by all that hair, deserves equal TLC too. Our hair too, gets most of our attention—blow drying with intense heat to get the perfect head of smooth, shiny hair, not realising its harsh effects on the scalp. Our scalp also faces the brunt of environmental aggression, besides all the constant styling and tugging. It’s time we realise that a happy head of hair starts from strengthening and nourishing its roots aka the scalp. Luckily for us, the skin on our scalp is thicker, it does support over 100,000 hair follicles! 

Caring for our scalp will ensure problems like flakiness, dandruff, dryness, product build-up, hair thinning and hair loss are prevented. And we need to go beyond shampooing to ensure it remains clean and nourished. Number one rule—always keep the area clean—and this doesn’t mean washing the hair only when it feels itchy or oily—but doing it before it reaches that phase. Here are other mindful tips to ensure you maintain the health of your scalp and therefore, your hair. 

  1. Regular oil massages: The ritual of massaging the scalp and hair with oils infused with potent herbs has innumerable benefits. In Ayurvedic therapies, ‘abhyanga’ or ‘massage’ is integral. Our head is the most significant part with vital energy points that connect to the mind and brain, and has the most important chakras for wisdom and enlightenment. Saanté’s hair oiling rituals are designed to stimulate and balance these chakras, and thereby promote a healthy scalp, reduced hairfall and lush, lustrous hair. Infused with Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy ingredients with scientifically proven medicinal and fortifying properties, like clary sage, coconut oil, sesame oil and lavender, massaging your head and hair regularly with our oils will aid in relieving pressure in the head region, boost circulation and promote healthy hair growth. This simple ritual will condition the scalp, strengthen the hair roots, prevent hair loss and premature greying, reduce hair frizz and hair fall, replenish dry hair and prevent brittleness, and refresh the mind. Regular oil massages with our all natural hair oils, like the Crowing Glory Hair Oil, that have essential oils will promote hair growth and detoxify the scalp. Steaming your scalp after your oil with a hot towel ensures that the oils penetrate into the deepest layers.
  2. Soothing rituals: Applying a lightweight daily hair tonic will detoxify the scalp and calm inflammation. It may seem like too much to do everyday, but hair tonics are non-greasy and get absorbed instantly into the scalp. Saanté’s Crowning Glory Hair Tonic, infused with clary safe, rosemary, lavender and juniper, improves microcirculation while also speedening up hair bulb regeneration for denser hair growth. 
  3. Switch to natural shampoos: Most shampoos contain ingredients that can irritate the skin on the scalp. Look for one without parabens or sulphates, and use only a coin-sized amount. Work up the product in your hands then massage directly onto the scalp gently. 
  4. Condition only the hair: We often ignore a simple fact that conditioners are made to lock moisture on the strands, and should not touch the scalp, which can lead to hair fall and product build-up. Condition only the lengths of the hair and always wash off with cold water.
  5. Replenish from the inside out: Like with the skin what we do on the inside reflects on the outside. Drinking plenty of water, eating fruits and vegetables, and adding nutrient-rich foods to our diet, investing in good quality hair vitamins and supplements and exercising all add to a healthy scalp. 
  6. Always wash the scalp after a workout: Cleansing the scalp after a sweaty workout is imperative, just like you would with the rest of your body. 
  7. Give your scalp a facial: Frequently pampering your scalp will boost its health. Start with a scalp scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and debris build-up, follow it up with shampoo and deep conditioning and finish off with the soothing hair tonic. 



Gentle exfoliation works wonders on keeping your scalp healthy and clean and keeps the blood flow going. Here’s our homemade scalp scrub remedy, a family recipe the Saanté women swear by!


  • Super fine Himalayan salt
  • Super fine brown sugar
  • 1.2tsp apple cider vinegar
  • Crowning Glory Hair Oil as an emollient
  • ¼ tsp moringa powder.


Mix all ingredients. Ensure the scrub is not dry and the sugar and salt are to an almost powdery consistency as you do not want to irritate the scalp. Rinse your scalp, then apply the scrub to the scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes and gently exfoliate. Apply a hot towel to your scalp so the exfoliation becomes easier. Rinse. Shampoo and condition as normal.

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